Air Duct Cleaning

doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. At NYC HVAC, our skilled professionals can clean your air ducts and freshen the air of your home for an affordable price!

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Air ducts can become contaminated with all manner of things, ranging from dust mites to pollen. Let us clear your air ducts and make your home a safe place to breathe once again!

Air Duct Cleaning for Better Air Quality

Everyone knows that you have to repair HVAC and air-conditioning systems as soon as they start to malfunction. But another aspect of clean homes or businesses that most people overlook is the air duct system.

Over time, even the most advanced HVAC air duct system will collect different contaminants and circulate them through the air in your home or business. These contaminants can be collected from people coming in and out of the home, from environmental pollutants, or from leftover debris in the construction of a new building. All told, contaminants can include:

  • Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • pet hair and dander
  • dust mites
  • remodeling or construction debris
  • odors

All in all, there are lots of possible contaminants that might be making your duct system poisonous rather than clean! While it doesn’t always lead to immediate health concerns, air ducts that aren’t properly cleaned at least once every 3 to 5 years will eventually lead to air that isn’t as fresh as it could be and potential health side effects.

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Poor Circulating Air Quality Can Trigger Health Issues.

In fact, your family’s health could be compromised depending on the compounds hidden in your air duct system. Allergies, asthma, headaches and more can all be caused by air ducts that aren’t properly cleaned. Even average sinus problems might be a result of poor quality air circulating throughout your home.

Even worse, air ducts that aren’t properly cleaned can eventually impact the operation of your HVAC system. This can lead to poor system performance or more regular maintenance requirements, driving up the costs for those services. No one wants to have to replace their AC system over and over if the evaporator keeps getting clogged with debris!

This also has an impact on your utility bill. Air ducts that constantly prevent warm or cold air from circulating correctly will result in your HVAC system having to work harder to reach the temperature set on your thermostat.

All in all, air ducts that aren’t cleaned can cost you a huge bundle, both in terms of finances and your general health. That’s why we urge you to contact us as soon as you realize your air ducts need cleaning. Even better, have us do a regular air duct cleaning service for your home or business!

Our rates are very competitive, and we’ll work with you to find a quote that works for your budget and a schedule that works for your business or family needs. We understand that HVAC cleaning can be intrusive, so our professional technicians will work day or night, whatever you need, in order to ensure your ultimate comfort.

Air Duct Cleaning Can Improve Your Air Quality, Significantly! 

Services we Provide for Duct Cleaning

Our Contractors provide a plethora of different duct cleaning services. With several decades of experience to draw from, there’s no limit to the solutions we can come up with in order to ensure your air duct cleanliness for the foreseeable future.


Air duct cleaning.

This standard service will involve us scrubbing your air ducts and making sure that we get rid of any visible or invisible contaminants alike. This allows us to get rid of any bacteria or mold that might be causing respiratory problems in your home.


UV light installation

Unlike most other duct cleaning services, we can install UV lights in certain trouble areas where bacteria or mold tend to collect. This has the added benefit of not costing much extra while preventing bacteria or mold from growing as frequently or at all. It’s an excellent solution if bacteria is a big issue within your docs.


Air quality inspection.

We can also perform a comprehensive air quality inspection service to determine exactly what’s going wrong with your duct system. This saves time and money since we won’t need to waste precious hours working on your air ducts if the issue is really with your filters.


Filter services.

Speaking of filters, at NYC HVAC, we can replace any filters in your ducts and make sure that they’re doing a good enough job of protecting the air circulating through your home. Improper event installation is the number one problem in this regard, which is why we take special care to make sure your filters fit before we leave.


Vent fan cleaning

We can also inspect the vent fans that might be installed depending on the size of your air duct system. Fans are a regular part of business HVAC systems due to the amount of air requiring circulation. But these fans can also spread contaminants around if they aren’t properly cleaned.

Overall, we’re ready and able to help clean your air ducts and perform any maintenance or preventative services you require. We can also set up regular 3 to 5-year appointments and return to your home and business to clean your air ducts. This is the ideal solution for many since it counteracts regular dust and build-up that happens even with the best ventilation systems.

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