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Stay cool during the warm summer months and let us repair your AC unit.

AC units aren’t meant to stay broken and performing regular maintenance can mean the difference between a cool home and a sweltering one.

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Even when the temperature outside can be extremely hot, AC units can help keep your home cool and comfortable. Especially during the summer season, having a working AC unit is necessary for many, particularly if you live in direct sunlight.

But perhaps because of how often AC units are used, these miraculous devices can eventually start to malfunction. One of the most common issues with AC units is leaking refrigerant. The refrigerant is the special coolant found in your evaporator coil that helps to lower the temperature of the surrounding air. When this coolant starts to leak, it can negatively affect your AC unit and the surrounding area.

Furthermore, AC units that run constantly need regular maintenance. Even if they haven’t already malfunctioned, they may eventually break more seriously if they aren’t maintained over time. If you regularly maintain your AC unit by scheduling us to check it out before the summer months, it’ll run like new and last for many more years than if you never bothered with maintenance at all.

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Signs you’re air conditioning unit could need repair.

How can you tell if your AC unit needs maintenance or repairs? If your AC unit is starting to leak liquid, chances are the refrigerant is getting away from the evaporator coil. You may also notice an odd stench around your AC unit. This can negatively affect your air quality and even lead to stains in the surrounding area.

Our experienced team members know exactly what to look for when it comes to AC unit repair and maintenance. With several decades of experience under our belts, we will be able to glance at your AC unit and tell you exactly what you need without driving up costs unnecessarily.

Your thermostat or the controls for your AC unit might also be malfunctioning. The wiring between your thermostat and AC unit can easily be broken from regular wear and tear or from rodent infestations. We’ll be able to tell if this is the issue and fix it handily; repairing wiring or fixing your thermostat is usually a very simple procedure.

Whether you need emergency repair services, or a general question…

Reasons to Hire a Professional for AC Repair

AC units aren’t something you want to try to DIY maintain yourself. These are complex machines with a lot of moving parts and even some toxic chemicals if you include refrigerant replacement. As a result, there are lots of reasons why you should hire skilled professionals like us rather than trying to repair your AC unit yourself.


Licensing and insurance.

Our AC repair technicians are fully licensed and insured. This means that if your AC unit has a warranty, our technicians coming to work on it will void that guarantee. This saves you money in the long run and helps cover any costs if we find that your AC unit needs to be completely replaced.

Affordable Financing.

No matter the size or cost of your AC repair or maintenance job, we’ll get you a quote for financing options to work within your budget. When AC repair costs can spiral out of control if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s often financially smarter to rely on skilled professionals like us.


Lower your energy bill.

When your AC unit isn’t operating properly, it’ll often work double-time to produce only a small amount of cooling for your home. If you call a licensed professional team like we can provide, you’ll end up saving money on your energy bill since your AC unit won’t work so hard to cool your home. It’s also better for the environment, as you’ll end up using less electricity to get through the sweltering summer months.

Experience with different units

There are lots of different AC units available and you may have a more modern or older unit depending on the age of your apartment or home. This can make finding manuals or other maintenance instructions difficult over the Internet. But we know all the standard models used in New York apartments and homes, so we’re more than prepared to handle any AC maintenance needs regardless of their make and model.


Possible replacements.

Finally, we can tell you if your AC unit needs to be replaced. Some AC units are just too old to continue working no matter how well you maintain them over time. We can work with you to find an AC unit that works for your energy bill and something that can be integrated with your home and its existing wiring with a minimum of effort and stress. It’s a lot easier than looking for an AC unit by yourself.

Overall,  we’re Air conditioning repair experts dedicated to helping you survive the summer. Air conditioner cooling isn’t a luxury: it’s a necessity. Let us make sure that your AC unit is in great shape and regularly maintained by calling us and getting a free quote today!

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