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HVAC Repair Experts for NYC residents.

Whether you live in the smallest apartment or a home with multiple floors, we at NYC HVAC can take care of your air conditioning or circulation needs.

HVAC Repair & Maintenance. Proudly Serving: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island

We started small and grew from there. Now we’re the best HVAC repair squad in NYC – and that’s saying something!

New York City was one of the first major metropolitan areas to take full advantage of new AC and HVAC system technologies. As these appliances became commonplace, services designed to perform regular maintenance and repair quickly followed. But everyone has had a bad experience with an AC or HVAC repairman making a mess of things or charging obtuse prices for simple maintenance procedures.

We wanted to do better. So when NYC HVAC was founded, it was with a single goal in mind: to provide top-tier service to anyone who needs it. Our unending commitment to the simple goal has led us to become the premier HVAC repair experts in the New York City area. Wherever you live in the Big Apple, we have a trained technician who can reach your home or apartment and handle your HVAC, Air Conditioner, or air duct repair needs promptly and for an affordable price.

We’ve ended up with quite a reputation and a dedicated customer base to boot. Even better, our commitment to excellent service has led us to collect lots of experience and spare parts. This has enabled us to service both older and newer HVAC and AC models alike. As a result, we’re more equipped than ever before to handle repairs regardless of appliance make or model.

At Express Home Services, you’ll find the team that has decades of experience to bring to bear on your repair needs. Contact us today and you won’t be disappointed.

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